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Old4New is back this summer!

Coastguard's Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade Campaign is back, hitting the road across Aotearoa from Thursday 8 December 2022 to Monday 6 February 2023.

You can check out the schedule or download it now. If your lifejackets need upgrading now, don’t wait for us! Make sure you have a fit-for-purpose lifejacket every time you head out on the water. You can find out more about the best lifejacket on Boatie's Best Mate.

Click here for FAQs and pricing details.

*Old4New time and venue change - Westport  January 5, 2023*
Old4New is at Westport New World until 12pm today 

*Old4New venue change - Waitangi February 6, 2023*
Please be advised the Old4New event scheduled for Te Tii Marae Waitangi on February 6 has been moved to Four Square Opononi, 29 Hokianga Harbour Drive, Opononi from 10am-2pm. The February 5 Old4New event at Te Tii Marae Waitangi remains unchanged.


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